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From Missives to Missiles
From Missives to Missiles
Paper and Photographs

from missives to missiles action takes place at the end of ever longer range projections, and its effects must take such a circuitous journey back to us, through interstellar toll roads or ideological bridge trolls, that what we know of what we've done can only be a promotional pantomime. putting aside some misplaced nostalgic impulse for the days of direct touch, we should still wonder with some worry that what we know, what we express, and what we touch partakes of an increasingly thick chain of mediation.

can we blame this thickening chain that can carry force from a button to a bomb or from a vote to the same for making murder never more facile for the 'common man'? what is clear is that the proliferation of representations, the subsequent mass infatuation with glittering refractions, has coincided with the promotion of a superficial engagement with our bodies and what they touch and take for reality. perhaps the problem is not so much the production of spectacle but the production of spectators so easily become ruthless spectators.